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Version: V3

What is CyberConnect?

CyberConnect is a web3 social network that enables developers to create social applications empowering users to own their digital identity, content, connections, and interactions.

It creates long-lasting on-chain connections through the power of its network. Developers can build innovative social applications where users own their identities and data, while creators can grow their audiences in a fairer, more direct, and decentralized environment.

CyberConnect V3

CyberConnect V3 is a set of powerful upgrades to the CyberConnect social network protocol to usher web3 social into a new, multi-chain future. It will power the next stage of hyper scalability for web3 social dApps and give users a social networking experience that feels familiar to web2.

V3 has three core components: CyberAccount, an ERC-4337-compatible identity infrastructure; CyberGraph, a censorship-resistant database to record users’ content + social connections; and CyberNetwork, a gas-efficient and scalable network to bring CyberConnect to the world. Over the course of the next two months, it will be deployed on six EVM networks.

Deploy your CyberAccount today👇

Cybertrek Account Creation

CyberConnect Developer Community

The CyberConnect Protocol is built with and for developers. Join our vibrant Discord community where you will find channels dedicated to developers and hackathon events.

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