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What is CyberConnect?

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps Web3 applications bootstrap network effects.

Built on EVM chains, CyberConnect empowers users to truly own their social identities, contents, and connections in a social network and provides developers with a rich set of tools to build applications with meaningful social experiences.

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What to build with CyberConnect?

Blogging with Crowdfunding

Users can publish their data in NFT format on a chosen blockchain for monetization purposes.

SBT/NFT issuing platform

Utilize airdrops and tokens to attract early adopters, convert them to contributors and retain them through rewards like badges.


Recommend people to follow based on users' relationships and social data from both off-chain and on-chain sources.

CyberConnect Developer Community

The CyberConnect Protocol is built with and for developers. Join our vibrant Discord community where you will find channels dedicated to developers and hackathon events.

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