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Version: V1


By adopting a decentralized social graph, users aggregate their identities across different platforms and applications. This allows developers to retrieve more comprehensive data related to a user's address, such as:

  • Their ENS or Solana domain.
  • Their NFTs.
  • Their avatar.
  • Their verified web2 social account.
  • Their first on-chain transaction.
  • Their followers.
  • Their followings.
  • Their mutually-followed friends.
  • Their notifications.

Developers can leverage those insights to build better social experiences by making a simple call to the CyberConnect API.

How does it work?‚Äč

The indexer layer of the CyberConnect Protocol collects on-chain data from IPFS and blockchain networks (e.g. Ethereum, Solana) as well as off-chain data from web2 social platforms. The indexer then transforms and stores the raw data into graph databases, which enables it to curate user identities after deployment.

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