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Version: V1


You can access the API through a variety of interfaces that support GraphQL. Below you will find some examples of how you can use the CyberConnect API.


GraphQL is an interactive interface where you can construct mutations and queries alongside easy access to the API's schema.


Please be sure to use as the URL in the playground.

An easy way to explore the CyberConnect API is to use the GraphiQL interface served directly on the endpoint address either by accessing to do so or playing around with the embedded version:


Here is a short and simple query example that you can quickly test out in the playground:

query IdentityQuery{
identity(address: "0x148d59faf10b52063071eddf4aaf63a395f2d41c", network: ETH) {


You can access CyberConnect API through standard HTTP by simply sending a GraphQL query to the endpoint through a POST request. The response will be in JSON.

If you intend to use CyberConnect API in a programmatic context (like within JavaScript or Python), it is recommended to use a GraphQL client such as Relay or Apollo.

Example using cURL

curl \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '{"query":"query {\n identity(address: \"0x7C04786F04c522ca664Bb8b6804E0d182eec505F\") {\n ens\n\t}\n}"}'
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