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Profile API is used for querying the ENS profile metadata of an Ethereum address or ENS name. For an address’s avatar, you can retrieve its record, type, metadata, ownership, and URL among other relevant information.


The endpoint URL for requesting the profile:{id}
idStringGet the profile metadata of this Ethereum address or ENS name.

With correct inputs, you can retrieve a list of Profile objects with the following fields:

addressStringEthereum address.
nameStringThe same as primaryName unless query was made with non-primary ENS.
primaryNameStringThe primary ENS name/reverse record of the address.
ensAvatarEnsAvatarMetadata about the ENS avatar of this address.

The ensAvatar field consists of the following subfields:

recordStringThe original avatar text record set in ENS.
typeStringThe type of ENS avatar with options of uri:https, uri:data, uri:ipfs, nft:erc721, and nft:erc1155.
nftMedataStringThe metadata JSON of the avatar NFT.
nftOwnerStringIf the avatar is of type nft:erc721, then this field returns its owner.
nftBalanceStringIf the avatar is of type nft:erc1155, then this field returns the balance of the avatar NFT owned by the ENS holder.
nftOwnedBooleanWhether the ENS holder owns the avatar NFT.
urlStringThe avatar NFT image’s url.


Here is an example of querying ENS profile information. Feel free to test it out in Next Swagger Doc Demo App!

Find below the example return results:

"address": "0xeBeD0BF2701e905b4C576B3dC943D797bAc226ed",
"name": "pisofa.eth",
"primaryName": "pisofa.eth",
"ensAvatar": {
"record": "eip155:1/erc721:0x49cF6f5d44E70224e2E23fDcdd2C053F30aDA28B/11850",
"type": "nft:erc721",
"nftMetadata": "{\"name\":\"CloneX #18924\",\"description\":\"🧬 CLONE X 🧬\\n\\n20,000 next-gen Avatars, by RTFKT and Takashi Murakami 🌸\\n\\nIf you own a clone without any Murakami trait please read the terms regarding RTFKT - Owned Content here:\\n\\nYou are also entitled to a commercial license, please read the terms to that here:\",\"attributes\":[{\"trait_type\":\"DNA\",\"value\":\"Human\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Eye Color\",\"value\":\"BLU\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Hair\",\"value\":\"BLU Curtains\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Clothing\",\"value\":\"BLCK VARSITY JCKT\"},{\"trait_type\":\"Mouth\",\"value\":\"ROBO\"}],\"image\":\"\"}",
"nftOwner": "0xeBeD0BF2701e905b4C576B3dC943D797bAc226ed",
"nftBalance": null,
"nftOwned": true,
"url": ""
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