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Version: V1

CyberConnect Explorer

CyberConnect Explorer is a visualization tool that helps prospective developers, project partners, and individual users visualize connections, users, and namespace data on the CyberConnect social graph in an efficient, informative, and clean manner. The Explorer does this by aggregating data from the graph and projects integrated in the CyberConnect protocol.

You can directly view multiple key streams of data in the CyberConnect Explorer. These streams include:

  • the on-chain proof of your followings and followers
  • your profile data
  • proof of your connection history after the transaction is curated by timestamps

Here, the explorer displays transaction related data for distinct addresses. Saving you the trouble of querying data through complex APIs, the Explorer seamlessly helps you discover the data you really need. You can further search by specific addresses, connections, and namespaces of interest as you navigate data dashboards across the Explorer.

Get Started

You can now start viewing the latest connections across different addresses, connections, and namespaces in the Explorer. Simply head over to - this is the home page for the explorer and where we have aggregated connection data for you.

The core of the Explorer rests in its search bar function. On the very left of the search bar, you may filter your search result. Specifically, you can examine 1) hashed connections, 2) addresses that are either sent or received upon the protocol, and 3) connections that occur on particular namespaces. This will be useful if you are interested in data for examples of specific connections, projects, and users.

CyberConnect Explorer Search

  1. For connections, you need to input a connection hash. This will then direct you towards a connection detail page which lists all the relevant data to the connection.

CyberConnect Explorer Connection Detail

  1. For address search, you need to input an address. This will then direct you towards the address detail page which will display the total numbers of followers and followings, along with the latest connections related to the address.

CyberConnect Explorer Address Detail

  1. For namespaces, you may enter one of the 32 projects integrated on the CyberConnect social graph. Here, you may similarly view the filtered connection information associated with the namespace from users to connections.

CyberConnect Explorer Namespace Detail

Under the Explorer’s search tab, you will find in a table all the latest connections indexed on the Explorer. Here, you can view the details for all connection hashes on the CyberConnect social graph over the past 24 hours. These include the addresses to/from for the hashed connections, the type of connection, the network (Ethereum or Solana) that the connection was hashed on, the namespace the connection took place on, and the time period of the connection itself.

CyberConnect Explorer Connection List


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