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Version: V1


In this section, we'll cover how the CyberConnect SDK can help developers store users’ social data in a scalable and interoperable way.

The CyberConnect SDK is a developer-friendly gateway to help write social connection data to decentralized data stores. It is built for Web3 developers to integrate and compose their applications in a simple and flexible way, which in turn enables users on such platforms to manage their self-sovereign social data easily. Users ultimately will be able to port their social data and identities across applications and platforms, enabling user-centric Web3 experiences.

Next up, we will cover in more detail how the SDK works under the hood and the libraries that complement it in order to build applications where users manage their social connections in a self-sovereign manner:

How does it work?

The CyberConnect SDK encapsulates a complex authentication logic (authenticate to Ceramic Network) and it provides two primary easy-to-use functions, connect and disconnect, which in social graphs are follow and unfollow.

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