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What is CyberConnect?


CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps dApps bootstrap network effects and build personalized social experiences. The decentralized protocol allows users to own their social connections while providing a composable social data layer for developers.

CyberConnect describes a data standard, storage infrastructure, identity, and permissions management mechanism as the foundation of a seamless and secure digital social experience in Web3. CyberConnect also proposes the topology of a social data network of indexed data and recommendations that can be universally accessed and permissionlessly contribute to. Incentive mechanisms are designed to grow the protocol into a thriving self-sustaining economy with expanding utility.

What's unique about the CyberConnect Protocol?

The protocol is designed to address three major problems with existing social networks and graphs in the web2 world:

  • Eliminate silos and redundancy.
    Web2 social graphs are "walled gardens" that retain users with high switching costs - users repeatedly build and declare connections whenever onboarding a new application. The CyberConnect Protocol gets rid of siloed and redundant social graphs by embracing flexibility and extensibility so that users can aggregate their identities and data across different blockchain networks.

  • Enable fast bootstrapping.
    When social graphs are isolated from each other, developers are forced to build user networks from scratch when launching a new application. This makes bootstrapping extremely difficult. The CyberConnect Protocol integrates social connections into one open graph to support innovations and diverse social utilities in the ecosystem over time.

  • Deviate from the "Tyranny of the Titans".
    Industry titans often infringe on users' sovereignty over their own social networks to further corporate interests. Accountability is scarce given the scope of monopoly power—users bear the whims of changing platform rules and risk getting ostracized and their social assets confiscated. The CyberConnect Protocol empowers users to have autonomy over how, where, and for what purpose their social data is used. Users can freely generate, edit, and port data across a diverse suite of dApps in the CyberConnect ecosystem.

Why do developers build with CyberConnect?

The protocol is designed with reliability, usability and interoperability in mind. Developers choose to build with us for several reasons:

  • Composable infrastructure.
    DApps can tap into CyberConnect with two lines of code and focus on building their own social layer without rebuilding the wheels.

  • Consistent data standard.
    The protocol develops a data standard because data interoperability is the core property for user-centric Web3 applications. User’s social connection data need to be standardized for portability and composability.

  • Blockchain-agnostic.
    The CyberConnect Protocol is created for developers to build scalable applications in a multi-blockchain ecosystem. This reinforces the portability and extensibility of a web3 social experience.

  • Value-added community.
    We are enthusiastic about partnering with developers and building a community that truly embraces decentralization and democratization of social networks for users. From technical office hours to developer community calls, we support our partner dApps as much as they support us in expanding and diversifying the web3 social ecosystem.
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