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Version: V1


Pagination is a feature in CyberConnect Indexer endpoints. Pagination refers to methods for programmatically requesting all of the pages, to retrieve the whole result data set. Not all API endpoints support pagination, but it is often used when result sets are large.

Users can retrieve lists from CyberConnect Indexer by using first and after parameters. The first request parameter enables you to configure the number of entries returned per response page. The default value of first parameter is 20 and the maximum value is 50. The after request parameter points to the end of the page of data that has been returned. After parameter is optional. If no After or empty value of After is received, the indexer will return results starting from the first element of the whole list.

All CyberConnect Indexer endpoints with pagination return a BasicInfoConnection object with two fields:

  • pageInfo
  • list

list is the result for this single query.

For pageInfo, there are 4 fields:

startCursorStringStarting element index of this query
endCursorStringEnding element index of this query
hasNextPageBooleanIndicating whether the next page of data exists
hasPreviousPageBooleanIndicating whether this query is the first page of data

For your query with pagination, you can begin with the first as 50. Make a request and get a response from the indexer. Then you can keep the first and set the after parameter's value as the ending index of the last response, send another request. Repeat this process until hasNextPage returned by the server turns into false.

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