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The main entry point for address-based recommendations is the Recommendations type in wallet, it’s used for finding information that might be interesting to a given wallet based on its historical transaction history, current balance & project interactions.

type Recommendation(chainID: ChainID!) {
tokenBalanceInfo(offset: Int, limit: Int): [TokenInfo!]
tokenRecommendation(offset: Int, limit: Int): [TokenRecommendation!]
userRecommendation(offset: Int, limit: Int): [UserRecommendation!]

There are 3 subfields/queries currently supported:

  • tokenBalanceInfo is memory/heuristic-based while
  • The two others (tokenRecommendation & userRecommendation) are model-based.

Here are some more details on each of the supported sub-fields:

1. tokenBalanceInfo​

  1. tokenBalanceInfo are recommended web2 social profiles that might be interesting to an address based on trading history & current balance.

2. tokenRecommendation​

  1. tokenRecommendation are recommended Tokens the address should purchase based on modeling trading behavior & holdings relative to other addresses (i.e. collaborative filtering model).

3. userRecommendation​

  1. userRecommendation are recommended addresses to follow based on the finding other addresses with similar NFT trading history as the input addresses.
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