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Version: V2

Build with CyberConnect

Blogging with crowdfunding

Developers can build social dApp with CyberConnect protocol to store and manage users’ social data such as profiles, posts, and content in a decentralized manner. Also, users can publish their data in NFT format on a chosen blockchain for monetization purposes. For example, the content creator can publish 100 editions for their blog with a price of 14 $CYBER tokens per edition and only allow their subscriber to collect such content NFT.


SBT/NFT issuing platform

Utilizing airdrops and tokens to attract early adopters, convert them to contributors and retain them through rewards like badges is a popular and proven practice among top Web3 projects. The protocol enables communities to build large audiences with social data that lives on CyberConnect as ERC-721 NFTs. Community tooling applications use CyberConnect to power community profiles and reward members to participate in activities with badges issued through the protocol.



Developers can utilize CyberConnect to get interesting recommendation data when they build their social dApp. For example, the protocol can generate a list of recommended people to follow based on users’ relationships and social data from both off-chain and on-chain sources. Also, a list of recommended tokens to purchase can be generated based on modeling trading behavior & holdings relative to other addresses (i.e. collaborative filtering model).


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