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Version: V2


User-generated social profiles and on-chain address-related data that form the user’s decentralized identity. Whether it’s an NFT, an ENS name, a Twitter handle, or a DID, we map all of them to one holistic identity. In CyberConnect’s infrastructure, an identity is currently manifested thru either an address or a profile.


Users can bring their already familiar EVM addresses to CyberConnect and create new social data on applications built with CyberConnect.


Although addresses are great as a decentralized identifier, they lack the functionality of more complex access control and key rotation which are crucial components in a social application. Profile is the entry point for every onchain actions and act just like a profile in web2 social applications. Each profile is a ERC-721 NFT similar to other onchain identity except that each profile owns its paid subscribers and contents. Each real user could also have multiple profiles. See a profile in action on Link3.

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