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Version: V2


To enable dynamic rules involved in profile creation, collecting contents and paid subscription, CyberConnect protocol provides various middlewares. There are three types of middlewares, ProfileMiddleware, CollectMiddleware and SubscribeMiddleware. They are smart contracts with logic executed before and after profile creation, collect and subscribe happens.

Supported Middlewares

Subscribe Middleware

  • SubscribeDisallowedMw - Subscribing to a user is disallowed.
  • SubscribeOnlyOnceMw - Users can subscribe only once to this profile.
  • SubscribePaidMw - Users pay a certain fee in ERC20 token to subscribe to this user.

Collect Middleware

  • CollectDisallowedMw - Collecting the essence is disallowed.
  • CollectOnlySubscribedMw - Only subscribed profiles can collect the essence.
  • CollectPaidMw - Users pay a certain fee in ERC20 token to collect the essence.
  • CollectPermissionMw - Users can collect the essence only if they have a valid signature from the signer.
  • CollectMerkleDropMw - Users can only collect an essence using the correct merkle proof.
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