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Version: V3

Core Concepts


With CyberConnect V3, CyberAccount is introduced to help users onboard to multi-chain Web3 social experiences leveraging ERC-4337 Account Abstraction. Users could pay gas on any network with CYBER on one network. Track CyberAccount stats here.


CyberGraph is a censorship-resistant smart contract to record users’ content and social connections, with built-in monetization tools. It is a set of smart contracts that links user identities (CyberAcconts) to their content and social connections and enables the recording of that rich social data onto multiple EVM-compatible blockchains. Through CyberGraph’s unique, customizable middleware design, storing users’ high-unit value social data on blockchain databases unlocks several novel social networking and community-building primitives, including monetization through tokenization.


Much like your username on Instagram or Twitter, CyberID is an ERC-721 token that represents a unique handle for your account in the CyberConnect social network. Previously registered CyberProfiles in CyberConnect V2 will be able to upgrade to CyberIDs soon. Track CyberConnect V2 stats here.


W3ST is a non-transferrable NFT with an on-chain issuer reference that acts as a digitally verifiable indicator of a user’s status in their community. It is a powerful instrument for users to find their tribe in Web3. Organizations use W3ST to recognize their most engaged and loyal supporters and build a digitally verifiable, immutable, and contextually meaningful contribution-based value system in their communities.

Introducing CYBER, The Governance Token


CYBER token holders have voting power and can delegate their voting power to others. Protocol improvements are decided based on voting power.

Payment for CyberID

CYBER could be used for payment when purchasing CyberID.

CyberAccount gas token

CYBER could be used as the price meter and means of payment for gas fees for all transactions within CyberAccount across EVM-compatible chains. More CYBER use cases shall be introduced by CyberDAO in the future.

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