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Version: V2


Within CyberConnect’s on-chain social graph, an identity is manifested through a ccProfile. Whether it’s an NFT, an SBT, a Twitter handle, or a DID, we map all of them to one holistic identity - ccProfile. Developers can integrate the ccProfile into their dApp/protocol to benefit from the existing network of identities being built through Link3 and other CyberConnect integrated protocols.

The ccProfile serves as a prerequisite for users who want to issue/post content (i.e. issue their custom EssenceNFTs) or form connections (i.e. issue their custom SubscribeNFTs). The deployed ccProfile contract is used as the gateway for users to perform actions such as collecting essence, creating a profile, and subscribing to a profile in a specific dApp context.


Why not just use EVM Address?

Although addresses are great as a decentralized identifier, they lack the functionality of more complex access control and key rotation which are crucial components in a social application.

The ccProfile is the entry point for every onchain actions and act just like a profile in web2 social applications. Each ccProfile is a ERC-721 NFT similar to other onchain identity except that each profile owns its paid subscribers and contents. Each real user could also have multiple profiles. See a profile in action on Link3.

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