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Version: V2

Essence metadata

The Essence Metadata Schema acts as a standard template that is being used to store data about the Essence NFT. This metadata schema was created to ensure proper parsing and indexing of the Essence NFT.


Verify Essence Metadata allows you to verify the validity of an essence's metadata schema.

The Essence Metadata Schema follows the OpenSea Metadata Standards which means that the Essence NFT is supported by OpenSea and other marketplaces.

Below you will find the list of fields for the Essence Metadata Schema accompanied by a short description on what each field represents.

interface Media {
/* The MIME type for the media */
media_type: string;
/* The URL link for the media */
media_url: string;
/* Alternative text when media can't be rendered */
alt_tag?: string;
/* The preview image for the media */
preview_image_url?: string;

interface Attribute {
/* Field indicating how you would like it to be displayed */
/* optional if the trait_type is string */
display_type?: string;
/* Name of the trait */
trait_type: string;
/* Value of the trait */
value: string;

interface EssenceMetadata {
/* ~~ REQUIRED ~~ */
/* Unique id for the issued item */
metadata_id: string;

/* Version of the metadata schema used for the issued item. Only support 1.0.0 for now. */
version: string;

/* Id of the application under which the items are being minted. */
app_id: string;

/* ~~ OPTIONAL ~~ */
/* Language of the content as a BCP47 language tag. */
lang?: string;

/* Creation time of the item as ISO 8601. */
issue_date?: string;

/* The content associated with the item */
content?: string;

/* Media refers to any image, video, or any other MIME type attached to the content.
Limited to max. 10 media objects. */
media?: Media[];

/* Field indicating the tags associated with the content. Limited to max. 5 tags. */
tags?: string[];

/* ~~ OPENSEA (optional) ~~ */
/* URL to the image of the item. */
image?: string;

/* SVG image data when the image is not passed. Only use this if you're not
including the image parameter. */
image_data?: string;

/* Name of the item. */
name?: string;

/* Description of the item. */
description?: string;

/* URL to a multi-media attachment for the item. */
animation_url?: string;

/* Attributes for the item. */
attributes?: Attribute[];

/* URL to the item on your site. */
external_url?: string;
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