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Version: V2


Connections are the fabric that weaves together online social graphs. In CyberConnect's protocol, connections are represented by SubscribeNFTs.

A SubscribeNFT represents an on-chain uni-directional relationship between a wallet and a ccProfile. Once a user has minted their own ccProfile, they can set the subscribeMw and the tokenUri for their SubscribeNFT, which in turn can be collected by other users.

Each ccProfile holder can issue only one unique SubscribeNFT. Each SubscribeNFT can be configured with rules like pay-to-follow (paid subscribers), hold-to-follow (token-gated community), etc. The SubcribeNFT is highly-customizable and can be used to represent arbitrary social connections; including following, subscribing to a creator, friend relationship, belonging to an organization, and participations in activities and communities.

Example use-cases / implementations of SubscribeNFT

1. Pay to Subscribe to Content Creator

Subscriptions include middleware, which can include arbitrary rules for subscription. For example, they could provide the ability to being subscribed to with payment attached. Each profile could specify the amount of token needed to pay for becoming a subscribers to that profile and subscribers will obtain a subscriber NFT. For more examples check out the next section on Middlewares.

2. Only holders of "X" NFT can subscribe.

Another example of how powerful middlewares can be is adding ownership conditions to subscriptions. A ccProfile holder can limit the collections of their SubscribeNFT to only those that hold a specific EssenceNFT, any generic NFT, or even an SBT from their project and/or application.


The SubscribeNFT can be used as a building block for countless alternate connections, including paid subscriptions to a creator, bi-directional friend connections, belonging to an organization, and DAO governance roles, and whatever you can imagine.

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