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In this section, you’ll find all the information you need to query data from the CyberConnect Protocol.

API Endpoints

You can access a variety of data about users, their identities, and their connections by using the CyberConnect API. From NFT ownership to customizable recommendations for new connections, you can extract data with a simple query and start building meaningful social experiences for your users from here.

identityThis method returns a user’s identity information including their followers, followings, friends, Twitter handle, avatar, etc.
connectionsThis method returns a user’s connection list including their addresses and aliases.
recommendationsThis method returns a list of a user’s potential connections based on a variety of recommendation algorithms weighted by factors such as their connections and assets.
nftOwnersThis method takes in an NFT contract address and token ID as input and returns its owner’s identity information.
rankingsThis method returns a list of users based on a variety of rankings such as their follower and friend counts.

How does it work?

The indexer layer of the CyberConnect Protocol collects on-chain data from blockchain networks (e.g. Ethereum, Solana) as well as off-chain data from IPFS and web2 social platforms. The indexer then transforms and stores the raw data into graph databases. Developers can access the data and customize their queries using the GraphQL API. Read more about the CyberConnect Indexer and its technical architecture.