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Version: V2


Feeds provide a familiar way of surfacing web3 data to users. In its simplicest form, a feed is just a collection of content sorted in a particular order.

CyberConnect plans to launch several feeds in the near future, including (but not limited to):

  1. User Feeds
    • Feeds catered to a specific user / address' content & on-chain interactions
  2. Community Feeds
    • Feeds catered to a specific community's content & on-chain interactions (ex. Azuki holders)
  3. Domain Feeds
    • Feeds catered to a specific domains' content & on-chain interactions (ex. Social, Defi, etc.)

The first feed we are introducing is a user feed based on ERC transfers. The feed fields under Wallet will return the latest ERC transfer history for a given address. To speed up the query you can choose to exclude the token field in your query (which is only used to get the token_address info).

Run in Postman:

"data": {
"address": {
"ethWallet": {
"feed": [

"evt_type": "Mint",
"token_standard": "ERC721",
"evt_block_time": "2022-07-19T17:32:24Z",
"token_address": "0x8cc6517e45db7a0803fef220d9b577326a12033f",
"tx_hash": "0x9345dcb5c1b398db288bceaa668fe9a1ea8d7d90a589a3f7ba0fe82da5ca6ade",
"amount": "1",
"tokenId": "20",
"token": {
"token": {
"name": "Link3",
"contractAddress": "0x8cc6517e45db7a0803fef220d9b577326a12033f",
"contract_creation_time": "2022-07-18T05:25:04Z",
"block_number": 15164734
"tokenLogo": "",
"twitter": "",
"homepage": "",
"etherscan_labels": [],
"etherscan_token_contractnames": [],
"etherscan_acccount_contractnames": [],
"trustwallet_tags": [],
"dune_category": "",
"coingecko_categories": [],
"blog": "",
"medium": "",
"github_organization": "",
"github": "",
"subreddit_url": "",
"telegram_channel_url": "",
"facebook_page": "",
"discord": "",
"total_supply": "0",
"description": "Link3 is a Web3 social network of verifiable identities. \n\nAggregating both on-chain and off-chain data, Link3 profiles serve as holistic identities enabling trustworthy networking and meaningful connections among users and organizations.",
"banner_image_url": "",
"opensea_status": "not_requested"
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