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Version: V2


The CyberConnect offers a great way for developers to issue their EssenceNFT or SubscriberNFT based on on-chain conditions through the middleware.

However, sometimes it will be challenging to issue these NFTs based on off-chain data from the application’s own backend. There are two ways to solve this problem,

  1. Use permission middleware such as collectPermissionMw
  2. Delegate to proxy relayer to finish the actions

Solution 1 needs the application backend to manage a signer key and sign each action with this key. The permission middleware will check if the signature is valid before each action (e.g. mint an EssenceNFT).

Solution 2 offers a quick way for developers to interact with CyberConnect protocol. This tutorial will give more details about how to delegate actions to a proxy relayer.


This API is in the beta phase and needs an X-API-Key token. Please contact us for setup.


Use for proxy replayer playground


  1. Prepare a ProfileNFT in the corresponding chain you want to issue EssenceNFT
  2. Set the ProfileNFT’s operator address to be the proxy relayer address

Step 1: Register EssenceNFT

  1. Application backend call ProxyRegister to Proxy Relayer with params
  2. when uploading metadata to IPFS, please make sure it complies with CyberConnect Metadata Standard so that it can be indexed and displayed properly on NFT marketplace like OpenSea.
  3. The proxy relayer will send out a register transaction and returns an item_id. This is an async API, so the backend may need to check the proxy relayer later for the final status

Step 2: User Collect EssenceNFT

  1. The user from the application front-end makes a collect call to the application backend with the address and item_id
  2. Application backend checks the eligibility of minting
  3. If eligible, the application backend makes a ProxyCollect call to the Proxy Relayer, it will send out collect transactions to corresponding chains.
  4. The application backend can check with the Proxy Relayer later for the final status.



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