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Version: V2

Design Principles

CyberConnect’s decentralized social network protocol is composed of two major elements:

The first is the Social Data Network which provides composable data layers for developers to bootstrap their social dApps while enabling users to store, manage and monetize their decentralized social data with on-chain smart contracts.

The second is the Interest Graph Engine which provides a data pipeline as well as a graph-based analytics platform to gain valuable insights into Web3 social data.

While we considered many different designs, the following principles remained core to our philosophy of building a user-centric and utility-driven protocol:

  • Self Sovereignty Users own their data and have autonomy over how, where, and for what their data is used.
  • Interoperability & Portability Different blockchain networks do not hinder the user. Users can take their data with them across different networks and platforms.
  • Mutability In an authentic digital social experience, users need to make frequent updates to their social data at little or no cost.
  • Composability Developers can easily utilize the data layers with their existing Web3 development stack and leverage network effects. In addition, developers can define customizable modules based on existing modules to extend their specific use cases.

The CyberConnect social network protocol aims to leverage its decentralized infrastructure toward the flourishing of a scalable and composable social data layer on the internet. As an interoperable solution for social dApps building upon public networks like Ethereum, Solana, or BNB Chain, CyberConnect fills a key gap that has been missing so far in the Web3 development stack.

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