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Version: V2


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input VerifyEssenceMetadataInput {
version: String!
name: String
app_id: String
description: String
image: URL
issue_date: String
external_url: URL
lang: String
tags: [String!]
media: [Media!]
attributes: [Attribute!]
image_data: String


version (String)

version the version of essence metadata schema. Right now only support 1.0.0

name (String)

tokenURI the token URI of the essence NFT.

app_id (String)

appID the appID of the essence belongs to.

description (String)

description the readable description of the essence.

image (URL)

image the essence image url link.

issue_date (String)

issue_date creation time of the item as ISO 8601.

external_url (URL)

externalURL the Link3 url link to the host profile page.

lang (String)

lang the language of the content as a BCP47 language tag

tags (String)

media (Media)

media refers to any image, video, or any other MIME type attached to the content. Limited to max. 10 media objects.

attributes (Attribute)

attributes for the item.

image_data (String)

image_data SVG image data when the image is not passed. Only use this if you're not including the image parameter

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